Jane offers private sessions with individuals on all topics from career, finances, love, and weight loss all the way to severe childhood trauma including physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse.

“You are the expert on your life, my job is to help you realize your full potential,
step into your power and live out of your passion.” ~Jane E Fendelman, MC

Matthias S: “I’ve been counseling with Jane on and off for over a decade and attended a number of her workshops. With great care and compassion she helped me through some very challenging periods in my life including a painful divorce and the death of a parent. With her guidance I always felt I came out a better person when these trials had passed.
Especially the spiritual aspect of her counseling has helped me a great deal to put me on a journey of awakening and awareness, to find the path from the mind to the heart and with that build much more meaningful relationships to people and the world around me. Her workshops and individual support have been an instrumental stepping stone in rediscovering my faith.
My gratitude to Jane cannot be expressed in words.”