Cameron T: “From our first visit with Jane we were already getting some important tools to help us communicate better. We left that day feeling much more connected and hopeful about our future communication.
Jane is very energetic and enthusiastic about helping her clients. She conveys a feeling of truly caring deeply for their happiness and emotional health.
Jane is also very open-minded and brings a diverse variety experience and knowledge to bear during her sessions. She is sweet, charming, and disarming. It’s easy to speak openly and honestly about difficult subjects with her.
Thanks for your kind care, Jane!”

Jane offers marriage and couples counseling on all topics including communication, repairing old wounds, anger management, co-parenting, extended family issues, healthy boundaries, sexual and intimacy issues.

Healthy Communication and Conflict Resolution**: Jane has taught her techniques for healthy communication and conflict resolution for over 30 years at schools, churches, hospitals, small companies, and large corporations, including a busy Scottsdale law firm and Phoenix subway corporate offices. She has trained couples, families, individuals, and friends.

Couples Bonding Exercise**: Couples, this is the most profound and immediate cure you can use to improve your relationship. This 10 minute 44 second educational video will absolutely and utterly change your life. One of the reasons Jane is known as one of the best couples counselors in the U.S. is because she understands the basic building blocks of all relationships… the connection.

The 4-A’s to¬†Healing Old Wounds**: Learn to resolve repetitive core issues in your relationship. In this video you will easily heal wounds by using the 4 A’s.

Enlightened Jealousy Cure for Couples**: Jealously is a good thing.

Jealous In-Laws and Friends**: Have you ever had friends or family members interfere with or undermine your beloved relationship? Jane’s cure is immediate and transformative. It will bring you and your mate closer together and easily set healthy boundaries with the problematic individual.

**All videos are clips and full video is available for purchase in the website store.